Beta Project: Our office sign project was a big success



Until today I had a paper sign on my office door. At my small office I only have clients visit very rarely, and so have never wanted to pay for a professionally made door sign. But with the Glowforge I was able to cut one out and assemble it for myself.

I used 1/4" plywood as the sign base, and cut larger letters and my logo out of different colors of 1/8" hardwood. I inscribed the smaller letters into the plywood base. Initially I just scored the larger letters onto the plywood to act as guides for gluing the cut-out hardwood letters, but then I realized that if I inscribed the letters on the plywood I could inset the larger letters and logo that I had already cut out. Here is the finished product. I am pretty pleased with it.

Photo engrave demo?

Lovely sign!
Isn’t it great when a new tool suggests a new way of doing things?


That looks very snazzy! The etch fitting makes a huge difference–alignment can be such a pain. Awesome job :smiley:


We passed around this photo at the company meeting and there was much oohing and aaahing. :slight_smile:


Oooooh! Like the inset idea! :sunglasses:


Wow, that is amazing!


That looks sliiiick. Well done.


That looks fantastic–so classy and completely professional.


Very classy sign, nice balance and attractive lettering.

And to think of all the other fun conversations that remain to be shared outside of the beta forum!


WOW, just wow!


Very cool! Looks clean and had a great aesthetic. :+1:


That looks great!


Very nice!
That will instill more confidence in a perspective client than a paper sign! :sunglasses:
Thank you for sharing your time and ideas!


Excellent sign! Very professional. It’s a great inspiration.


Very Nice! Inserting the letters we a great idea.


Very professional!