Beta Project: Racing Volunteer Awards

Come on fine forum folks. She said that,[quote=“maryellen, post:1, topic:3187”]
We were both thrilled with the results. My office mate said the awards looked better than the professionally made ones they gave to the racers. Next year maybe they should make them all with a Glowforge. :slight_smile:

The pictures show some very nice awards and I doubt you can tell anything about the GF power or consistency from these pictures. It is really nice that the pictures were shared with us. Thank you @Maryellen. - Rich


The machine has a cache that holds the entire job, unless it is really a large file, in which case the work will pause to finish the download and then resume.

I agree with @chrgeup, lighting and reflections in the picture would make it difficult to assess fine detail.
From what we have seen of @maryellen’s work, I would think they are perfect.


They really look awesome! Thanks for sharing!


As a designer, this give me some great ideas for projects for my clients as value-added or stand alone products. Excited would be an understatement. Thank so much for sharing these!

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One of the first things I’m going to do with some key clients is to give them their logo in wood or acrylic or other material. This would be a unique item they can put on their desk or in their office that they can’t get anywhere else and would be a great “thank you” from me for allowing me to serve them. Again, you’ve definitely inspired me to think of all the ways I can do this. Thanks again!