Beta Project: Return of Pachimari



I decided to play around with a simple decoration design and used a variant of the pachimari I’d done before, but made some slots and holes in it to assemble two faces at 90 degrees. I wanted to etch both sides of the wood and thought it would be a good test of my ability to flip it over and get it aligned again. I ended up just holding the base of the wood with my hand like a hinge and tipping it up while I swept the cut outs to the side, then tipped it back down into the same position. Then I took the cut pieces and flipped them over and replaced them into the holes in the wood where they’d come from (only works for designs that are mirrored left/right I guess :)) Then I set the cut section to ignore and printed again. It worked very well and I got a two sided print as I’d hoped.


Awesome! I did a similar thing recently but I held the wood down and use the tip of a sharp knife to left the pieces out and turns flip them over and back into their original holes.


We haven’t finished double-sided engraving yet, so this is a clever workaround!


This is so adorable!! I don’t even play Overwatch but I already want a hanging mobile with a huge cluster of these haha


Nice design and work around on the double sided engrave.


I’ve been debating making a plush, but this is super cute and looks so much easier!


you gotta make the plush! with squeaker and lead weight! lol


A squeaker would definitely be a must! To be honest, I’ve never made a plush before, but my sewing machine is getting a bit dusty, so it may be time to try something new. :slight_smile:


Nice demo of the double sided engrave! (With 3D alignment, no less!) Thank you! :smile:


So very clever (and cute!). - Rich


So cute! Great job on the double sided engrave


Excellent and very clever!


Great Project! Wonderful job.


Very nice job!! Are the double holes for hanging?


Yes, I ran a strand of monofilament through there and made a quick hanging loop. It’s all ready for the Christmas tree now. Though, I guess I could make a topper for the tree as well :slight_smile:


Now that is a great solution! Brilliant


Can you upload the file I would love you forever.


Sadly, they’re not allowed to @shodanime, (one of the rules), although I’m sure they would like to give them out.