Beta - So this happened (Day One)

Congrats! I too am in Seattle, and while I may be just a tad jealous, I’m certain the right beta-tester was chosen. Can I come over and play? Just kidding… or am I? I look forward to your updates!

What a sight to see!

Look Glowforge team, I know you’ve been wanting to get to Amsterdam and bring it personally. There is a great hotel around the corner but it only takes reservations for 3 or more nights. I might know some great places to go and to do around here. Just saying.

Good luck to the testers!

after all of our brains short circuited last night

no pressure =P


Keep up the good work and may the forge be with you.


Thank you for sharing. I am soooo glad it has started now.

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Congrats, @jkopel , and I see they even gave you a shiny new title!

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And that he is currently a community of “1”.


Yeah, but a good one… wait, that makes him the best!

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How has no one yet suggested that you make this?

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I thought we were going with a manta ray with a laser on its head: Glowforge Mascot Thread

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Was that the consensus? I can’t keep up anymore, lol…

As original poster of the mascot thread, I truly thought the ray would get the prize, but then we got some funny pics of @dan and finally realized that he is our mascot, like it or not.


Soooo, he should make a @dan, riding a shark, both with frikken lasers on their heads?



To answer the earlier question about if this glowforge came directly from the factory line, no - we are making sure every laser is well tested before we send it out.


So, uhh… clears throat… Josh… Can I uh… get you a coffee? Bring you dinner? Be your new best friend?


Looks like I won’t be getting anything done at work tomorrow morning…I’ll be checking this thread…okay make that everyday until that magic box arrives…

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Yeaaaaah… I just clicked on that video twenty times.

(But I’m also really freaking excited that there’s a beta tester in the forums now! Congrats @jkopel!!)

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Unfortunately Josh is contractually obligated not to share. I know, I know - my kindergarten teacher would be upset.


Greedy :wink:

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The Inside view