Beta - So this happened (Day One)

yay, beta units are going out! can’t wait for this to ship to the rest of us!


@jkopel, I can’t wait to see what you post, I know that when I get my OWN GF one of the things I plan on doing first is a series of “test prints” that will show the different speed and such for the laser. I would also love to see the different materials you try out. :smiley: I know you are limited on what you CAN post, however we are ALL very excited for any little thing that’s posted! Congrats on BETA. :smiley:


Josh, great to see! Dan hurry up please!

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Yes, we are all interested in how @jkopel making out with his GF.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Need more pictures… of cat.

What I, and I feel I speak for the majority of the users of the interwebs on this, would like to know is; does it sit? Vis A Vi “If it fits, it sits”. Put another way… will it support the mass of an unladen feline? Also what does it smell like when you rub your head on it.

Totally not Gary Bleck’s cat impersonating him on the glow forge community forum.


Cat has gotten used to having the thing around, although he still vanishes whenever it fires up. He is not a desk climber, so has not tested the structural integrity of the Glowforge lid. However, he has been enjoying the little bits of stuff that fall off the desk, and has been batting them around and hiding them under the many things in my office.


@jkopel who me I love Gray…lots of Gray…lol