Beta Software Program - Plugins or Official App



Absolutely not. We don’t use GIMP much around the office but Inkscape is in wide use. Both are high on our radar.


My software of choice is Flexisign10. Will Glowforge be compatible with that software as well?


You can drag your design into the GF client so any unsupported softwares can easily upload the designs into GF. png, svg, pdf, tiff etc.


What about tablets? Paper by 53.


There will be a button to upload the design. Just like you might upload a photo to Facebook or something from your tablet


We use CorelDraw exclusively were I work, Will there be plugin support for Corel products like there is for AI?

Software - Recommendations, etc?

Looks like AI & Inkscape at launch? Others (i.e. Corel) Later?


Corel is definitely in the feature hopper. In the mean time, it’s extremely easy to save as SVG, then upload it to Glowforge.

Hacking CorelDraw and others to add GF plugins

Ah sorry, I keep forgetting there is a web component as well. Heh. Designing on the couch with the iPad while watching The Walking Dead. What a world we live in.

Actually- Wait that’s a question. Will mobile apps (i.e. Inkpad) on tablets (or phones) be able to upload vector files to the web component?

Use case. I have my phone handy and I want to cut a 80mm circle out in 3mm acrylic to use as an insert for something I already have. Can I draw the circle to size in a 3rd party app, switch to chrome/safari (whatever) and upload/use that?

If so. Whoa.


I was going to say that with OnShape you could do that. But on the iOS app I do not see a way to save or send to another program.


In iOS 9 they added the ability to ‘share’ file type with other apps (apps to other apps). But in this instance it’s an app (vector app) to a webpage (glowforge web portal)? Not sure how that would work.


I have some experience with Fusion and the AutoCAD iPad apps (123…) for 3D printing, but I am not locked in to any app right now. I’d like to find one that will be easy for my homeschooled 10 and 13 year old to pick up and use. Any suggestions?

Also, I’d like to get started with preparing some designs, is there a cheat sheet on how to format a design to denote cutting versus engraving, etc?


I have Paper by 53. There are several options to save share a drawing. I would bet that it will be able to play well with Glowforge. It’s my sketch book now.


Noted on sketching on the ipad & uploading - good one for the feature hopper (cc @Tony).
@nateva, few threads here on starter CAD, but anything that can output as DXF or SVG should be fine - but we use Fusion360, Rhino, and Sketchup in the office often FWIW. (I’m probably forgetting one).

Opening DWG files

I have Paper 53 also. It’s beautiful. I am planning on buying a new iPad in Feb. My old iPad is an original. I’m hoping to better serve myself and my Glowforge with a new one.


Maybe I’ll start them with sketching then move on to some type of CAD - the good thing about the wait is that I have time, the bad is, obviously, that I have to wait!

Thanks for the suggestions


As a software developer reading this thread the first thing that comes to mind is creating an API and then letting the open source community at it to create plugins for apps they want to interface with Glowforge.

Granted, official plugins supported by the manufacture are nice also :slight_smile:


One of the primary reasons the Glowforge caught my eye was the ease of use with Illustrator. I’d definitely want to give the plug-in a try beforehand to plan out some design strategies and see what can/can’t be done quickly.


You should speak to GravitySketch, they have a beta 3D sketching program, could be useful and they could output a format compatible with Glowforge

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