Beta speeds gone?

Hey all, did we all lose the ability to engrave at the beta speeds? Did I miss an announcement?

Still there, but only for raster/bitmap engraves.

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There was an announcement, the higher speeds are gone for vector but exist still for raster. Rita posted an update very recently .


Thank you!


I wish I got some sort of pop-up, my 30min print just finished and didn’t realize my fast settings got gutted to 1000/1 :frowning:

I just happen to notice the 2000 was now a 1000. I quickly tried changing it back to 2000 and that’s when I noticed Beta speeds were gone. There is a good amount of info in the forums that I am reading through to make the current project raster. Another trial and error night for me!


Yipe! I see my saved settings are now nil as well, could be all the work to get those would be lost as well?

My non-beta speed saved settings are still intact. Haven’t check all the beta speed settings, but I imagine they are all set to 1000/1.

yup that is what I found. I had a bunch carefully worked out

Me too, I wonder if these will be recoverable once they figure out the vector beta speed problems…

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Not likely I am afraid

So I didn’t look close enough… I lost all my saved settings!!! ALL of them are 1000/1.

I have long been in the habit of rasterizing everything I’m planning to engrave. I know, it should not be necessary. It just gives me more confidence that I’m going to get what I expect.

My favorite way to do this in Illustrator is with a filter, as it is non-destructive — you can still edit the vector object and it will just get rasterized on export.


I have a project that needs engraving on one side, then a cut and flip. After the flip, an engraving (that needs to be perfectly aligned with the other side as they mirror each other). And finally the final cut to the final shape. I can import all the engraves in raster, the cuts in vector and ensure all steps are properly aligned. Or I can separate the steps by fill color and stroke color and not have to go through all those steps. One import into the GFUI, I know all the different steps are aligned. There might be an easier way to do this with rasters, but I haven’t figured that out yet. Any enlightenment from the GF community?

SVGs are container files that will hold both raster and vector elements. Just set everything up in the design file (where it’s easier to align anyways) and upload to the Glowforge.


This is such a thorn in my side:


With the update announced here [], vector engraves are now limited to a speed of 1000 in order to prevent issues that were identified during beta testing. Custom vector engrave settings that were in the 1000+ speed range will revert to 1000/1. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Please note that we’re also currently investigating an issue where users are unable to save a modification with speed >1,000 to a setting that already reverted to 1000/1.