Beta Trial Cut Line for Passthrough

Up until yesterday, I had the cut line option to use for the passthrough slot. Last night when I went to cut, the cut line was gone but all of the other options were there. Is there anything that I can do to get that option back on my user interface? I have the PRO and have all the other options, just not the cut line. I have attached screenshots

I’ve had something similar but my contour tool is gone. I’ve only been making for a couple of weeks and liked that option

I just dont get why all of the other features would still be there except for that one!

The line is in the icon of the circle and square, not the tool drop down.

The outline tool is now on the side when you select a part of your file.

On my iPad it’s on the bottom with the word and line or circle or should say it was. It’s not on my page now at all

It was moved. When you select an item on the bed is the outline tool not next to the flip horizontal/vertical icons?

This is the new location for the Outline Tool that @dklgood was describing:

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Yes it has I didn’t even see that. Thank you

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I’m sorry you ran into trouble when using the Glowforge App. It looks like you’ve already received some great information from our other community members. Thanks folks!

Would you please let us know if the advice they provided got you back up and running?

I see that you’ve emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.