Beta units are out! (apr 1st)


I’ve noticed a couple users with Beta Testing Profile photos. Are they out and public knowledge!!!
@marmak3261 @soldiercoleman @takitus @ian


The first rule of the beta club is that you can’t talk about the beta club.


SUCH A TEASE!!! AAAAHhhhhhhhh!!! * continues to wait eagerly for any bit of news *


I couldn’t possibly say!




Now we just need to see photos/videos of the units in action (assuming that’s allowed)



Judging by the secrecy I’m guessing that won’t be for a while… Lol. Man, this is killing me!


I’ve got mine. Fired it up for the first time today in fact. Currently knee deep in laser cut cardboard.


SOOOO JELOUS!! Lucky man!!


Yep! Received it today. April 1st. Gotta go, cutting to do.


Keep us updated!!


< Facepalm >

So I guess I need to apologise for my cruel April Fool comment.


Sounds like an April fool’s joke to me.


Shhhhhhh… Secret. Hehe


I can’t believe that I fell for that.




I get the April Fool’s joke, but what is the deal with the beta tester stamp thingy that started showing up as the avatars on a couple of the regulars?

I noticed that rpegg’s has a “rejected” through the middle of it. That’s either a weird sense of humor or a cruel joke.


That’s his finely honed sense of humor.


I don’t get it.