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Yeah, you guys be careful and stay off the roads. (I’ve got a brother over there.) :frowning:


I’m just a bit north of Seattle. We definitely have thunder and
lightning here.



Aaaaaand, here’s another Beta I didn’t know about. Welcome @Kallisti!


Ditto! Looks like we’ve got a few hidden in the woodworks! Welcome! :relaxed:


I’ve been on the forums for quite a while, I lurk a lot :wink:


I think we are still on track, and that doesn’t mean we might not be delayed again.

Let me explain in more detail.

Every day, new challenges appear. That’s expected. We constantly work to compensate. For example, we just solved a fit issue on the last batch of machines that was causing parts to not line up during assembly. It turned out the factory had misaligned a jig. It took us a week to solve, so it didn’t get in the way of production. But it was critical to solve before starting mass production. This sort of thing happens many times a week, at large and small scale.

I wish could give you a certain answer. At this point, the most certain thing I can say is - we’re working to our schedule, and schedule risk isn’t over until we ship. In fact Samsung just provided a sober reminder that even companies that thought they were done and shipping sometimes are not - that’s part of why we take reliability so seriously now.

So: we have a lot of work to do so we can ship all the units scheduled for December in December. We deeply appreciate those of you who choose to stick with it until the end, and can’t wait to get you your Glowforge.

(I say that a lot, but only because it’s SO TRUE. I cannot wait for you to all experience what we experience every day!)


@Kallisti – just had to say I dig your forum ID. Hail Eris, all hail Discordia…


Thanks. It is actually just my first name. All hail. :slight_smile:


For those of you who didn’t notice, some of @Kallisti’s pre-Glowforge work is at Show and Tell.

She’s amazing.


Thanks Dan :slight_smile:


Thanks for the honest and straightforward update. Personally, I keep biding my time by adding to the list of things I need to try as soon as I get a machine. So far, I can saw that I’ll be really, really busy prototyping for quite some time.


so with the test runs, you make some batch’s. but your not shipping does this hardware get torn back down and sent through the build process again to refine? would hate to think that they get junked

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How much has the physical design changed from the unit on the home page?

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Thanks Dan for the Update :slight_smile:

In regards to materials, for those of us not in the US (but still part of the Glowforge family - G’day), will you provide specs for materials that we can source locally?

A self-help guide for stuff to engrave and cut if you will.


Some get refined to improve the process. Some get sent to test labs. Some go to the office for testing here. Some go to beta users. There’s lots of uses for a good Glowforge. :slight_smile:

You’ll see pictures at Maker Faire, but - not too much. We fixed the printing on the lid (was our old logo), the fit and finish is better, lots of other refinements that nobody but us would notice.

No plans, but will put that in the hopper!


I hope @dan will be at the Seattle Maker Faire! Have something for you and the team. :grin:


Thanks for the detailed update, @dan!

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Check the seat next to you!
" From earlier this week in the news… The owner of a gray two-door Ford Mustang dropped the car off at a mechanic in the 1900 block of Freeport Road after it sustained damage during a recent storm, according to a release.The mechanic parked the car on the street until it could be worked on, and later returned to see it filling with brown smoke, officials said.
Crews said there weren’t any flames visible from the engine or trunk compartment, but smoke continued to fill the interior.
According to the release, when firefighters got the car open, they found a pair of burning underwear on the passenger seat, which had produced a small fire." :scream:


So it wouldn’t behoove me to drive to Seattle to do some dumpster diving behind the Glowforge Building…?:thinking:


Happy Birthday to HER! :wink: