Better Button and Fan Monitoring: 12/17/18 Latest Improvements


Thank you @Rita. Everything just keeps getting better and better. :grinning:


We’ve added fan speed monitoring to ensure that the fans come up to speed before each print. In the unlikely event that the fans don’t reach the proper speed at the start of your print, the button will turn amber and you’ll see information in the Glowforge app.

Brilliant! :grinning:


The “info will appear in the app” portion is fabulous -it directly answers some folks questions here :slight_smile:

You folks are really listening to your fan base!


I see that you are still recommend the Novec. My experience with it was a horror show as the dissolved gunk ended up solidifying and basically killing the fan.

That plus the very high cost and inability to get the Glowforge outside make that cleaning system very impractical. If you would disable the entire thing because it was dirty would not improve the situation at all. Even with a dead fan I added an inline 200cfm fan as well and it worked most of the time. When it did not I have the blue whale that will clear the room in minutes. Even popcorn that would permeate the house was removed in minutes.

I really hope that you can come up with a much more workable alternative to the problems created by the Novec.


Fabulous! Thanks to you all!

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@Rita, how about we get a real-time readout of the fan’s current speed in the GFUI?
That way we could tell if they’re starting to slow down as they get dirty…?


or just run the fan backwards so that the gunk removes itself… that would totally work out great, right?


Is it the green bottle or orange bottle of the degreaser? also is there a way to see the whole cleaning process with out having to turn on the glowforge just to read about the process first?