Better get Kraken


I’d found some inspirational designs on pinterest that I liked over the past year or so and knew I wanted to make a similar design for something. Eventually I came up with a reasonable excuse, the door to my computer room keeps falling closed, and got to work on it. I roughed out a few sketches and then got started in Illustrator building the basic shapes. The pathfinder “unite” tool was heavily used as I took tentacle shapes and added them with a bunch of ovals to give them suckers.

I decided to use 1/8" plywood for this project.

My first version had enough space between planes to give it a stable base, but it turned out that I didn’t need them that far apart.

I made a couple of other variants with the body planes close together that worked well. I’m still a bit torn between my last two (the ones in the front) and can’t decide which I like better.

They’re well suited to battling lego mini figures

but luckily, they also fulfill my original reason for making them. Holding my door open so I can hear when I’m being called from elsewhere in the house :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for the week of 11-DEC-16

!!! That’s rad ! Great functionality and a really cool design. Nice work :slight_smile:


I love that someone can tell at a glance if the room is octopied.


You guys are kraken me up! Great design! :smile:


Release the… oh never mind.


Being a beta tester isn’t all it’s Kraked up to be! Cute.


of course you used 1/8 inch plywood…


Since he’s helping hold open the door - you should do something for him. Squid pro quo :octopus:


Lest the great idea get buried in the puns, I took this picture the other day. Hadn’t thought of door stops before. Although I think this is a repurposed toilet paper roll holder.




Great design, very original. :+1: :smiley:


Awesome design !

But I nominate that bad puners get sent to the back of the GF line.


Uh-Oh! :smile:


you think you’re in trouble… I’m toast.


Most of us will be in a jam.


Glowforge: giving people the power to make new and interesting things to trip over.

You don’t have to use that to hold the door completely open. You can also use it for just Kraken the door open a little.