Better than a Birthday card


Headed to a friend’s 70th Birthday party today, finally came up with a design after overthinking it for three days

Maple plywood proofgrade. Can’t take credit for the tree or gravestone, thank you internet. Text was done on Inkscape.

Continuing moosen week

ROFL! That’s just mean! (But nicely done!) :smile::+1:


Quite the inspiration you had! :grinning:


Did something happen with the engrave on the tree? It appears there’s a difference in darkness evidenced by the band in the base of the tree trunk above the roots.

What were your settings?


Looks like it is just the wood grain. A good gift (and joke BTW) :grin:


I agree, I think the bands you are seeing is the wood grain.


Sharper eyes than mine. I see it much more clearly on the desktop than on my phone. Good catch.