Better Together Clutch :D


I’m very pleased with my first completed leather project. I have absolutely no experience with leather and I was able to make this! Delighted with my new Better Together Clutch.

Here are some pictures in natural light:


Incredible designer piece!




Wow! For a first attempt with leather, that looks absolutely amazing! Love the colors on that. Normally I’d show these photos to my wife but if I did, she would totally expect me to be able to do the same! :laughing:


Oh beautiful! :grinning:


A very fun clutch! Beautiful colors!


Well done! Beautiful.

Did you hand paint this piece?


Wow–gorgeous colors! Did you purchase it as is or paint it??


Thanks! Yes, I painted it by hand!


Thanks! I started with thick proof grade leather and painted it after cutting it!


I’m incredibly impressed by your painting skills. You took this clutch to a whole new level. Can’t wait to see what you make next!


Wow–it came out just beautifully. Can I ask what kind of paint you used? It’s rare to see colors this vivid on leather without a sticky, plasticky feel to it.


These were Jacquard alcohol inks, sealed with a floor finisher (like Mop n Glo).


Huh! Interesting. I’d like to try this–they sure look great.