Better workflow for repetitive or too thick parts

I’ve said several times that if you can’t make it in the :glowforge: make the tool to make the thing.
Here is a great article from my friend Bill Young talking about it. He talks about repetitive tasks but it applies just as much to when you need that part out of 3/4" ply and the :glowforge: literally just won’t cut it.
You can pick up a decent 1/2" router for less than $200.


This is a good article. I know I can do most things just by hand, but I so enjoy the digital part of design. And then when you can get digital assistance for precision, that’s extra good. Then digital for repeatability. Some day a CNC that can do full sheets of plywood.

I use a router with jig shapes a lot, especially before I built my bandsaw. Come to think of it, I used the router to make the bandsaw in cutting the wheels out.


Then there are folks like me that don’t have room for woodworking materials nor the ability to handle the dust. Lots of times I’m thinking I could sure use a router to get a beveled edge or something similar. In an ideal world I’d have a great big workshop with all kinds of fun tools. Meantime I’ll use the hammer that I have. :laughing:


I’ve gotten where I have to put on a dust mask for most operations these days I’m not to let that stop me!
You can get a good respirator style dust mask for 25 bucks!


My buddy home built one of these, I’m fairly jealous.


A Shaper Origin and a track saw is a good second best. As parts get bigger the more straight lines they tend to have.

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