Beyond operating temps?

So I see multiple posts about the operating temp for the environment of the unit. But what about the exhaust?
It is dipping into negative temps tonight here in NWI/Chicagoland area. Its plenty warm inside, but I am worried about the venting. I remove the vent from the window after every use so that the unit stays at room temp.
If I missed where this may have been covered, please point me in the right direction and I can remove this posting.
Thanks all!

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The main difficulty with the outside temperature is that the cool air entering the unit while not printing which you’ve taken care of by removing the vent after each use. Some folks have put in baffles to make cutting off the outside air when not printing easier, but the tricky bit is making sure the baffle doesn’t leak into the interior since they tend to have gaps of various sorts all over them.

While you’re cutting, it’s pumping many cubic feet of air per minute out the exhaust so you’re unlikely to get any cold air back up the other way even if it is really cold out. Of course, this is all easy for me to say because I live in the Seattle area. It doesn’t get that cold in Glowforge HQ land.

thanks for the feedback.
Now I have to make another post in the support section. My unit wont calibrate and the head just keeps making a rumbling noise. yaay. lol

The rumbling is probably the head being inadvertently driven to the left side for calibration. Turn off the machine and gently move the head under the lid camera. Turn back on. Hopefully the unit will calibrate properly.


Turned it on and off, moved the head, and its fixed.


I came here to ask the same sort of question. It’s about 14 degrees here in lovely Oklahoma and I was worried about the exhaust letting the cold into the forge if I were to use it on days like today.

So is it safe to say it’s okay to run it as long as we unhook the exhaust when it’s not in use? (I do that anyway)

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As long as the room temp is within operating parameters, yes. The exhaust is around 200 CFM so nothing is going to enter the machine from outside as long as it’s running.

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Yep. It’s been down near zero here (single digits for a week and more to come :unamused:) and the GF is fine. I have a flapper exhaust output but also a blast gate that’s on the heated side and my hose has a dip in it before going into the GF so even if everything was wide open there’s not a straight shot for the air to come in.

Disconnecting the hose is good for keeping air from coming in when the GF isn’t being used but makes it harder to keep it sealed up when you’re running it.


Perfect! Back to work for me today then! Thanks guys!!

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Right now I have to tape the window every time I use the machine. Time consuming, and def not the best way to seal, but gotta do what ya gotta do for now. lol