Bicycle seat and handlebar grips

Thought I’d try a first project from scratch after receiving my Glowforge. I recover old bicycle seats and added a little extra to this one. The grips are made from ply, maple and leather, all cut and marked on the laser.


Gorgeous work!


That’s pretty darned impressive!


Thank you both so much! This is a great tool and I keep thinking of new ways to use it. Lots to learn.

Love the grips, and the seat may be too pretty to sit on. Nice job.

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Thank you!

Very cool. Nice work!

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They look amazing! Welcome to the Community!

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Whoa! Rad!

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Welcome to the forum! What a fantastic first post!

Thanks all for the feedback. I was so pleased with how they came out that I did another set for a new project I am working on. Had a bit of fun withe some leather paint this time.