Big Problem....But

I cleaned my GF Pro this week, top to bottom: Surfaces and rails, crumb tray, print head window, lenses, mirrors, air assist fan, exhaust fan, printer head fan, etc.

The next morning my GF was stuck on ‘scanning’. It did not even show my material on the computer screen…even though there was a piece of birch in the GF.

After trying various things I started panicking…and then sent a very detailed, bullet point email to Glowforge Support.

Within 15 minutes I received an auto-email with various suggestions to fix the problem and request to reply if these suggestions did not work. I had already tried the suggestions but it was an auto email so I immediately replied…figuring I would hear something back in a few days.

WOW…20 minutes later I got an email from Mike D with more detailed suggestions including pics and diagrams of various things to check. One of the fixes worked! (one of the cable/boards on the left side had loosened, probably snagged by a paper towel during cleaning). I emailed Mike D with my appreciation.

Thank you Glowforge!


They will love hearing the love :slight_smile:


Nice of you to post this here. Mostly we see all the times support doesn’t respond as quickly or as well. We tend just to see posts where they’ve failed fairly badly in terms of taking a long time to get back to someone or drop things in the middle and go radio silent.

But there are undoubtedly lots of people who get good support, they just tend not to post about it. I mean when was the last time you sent your car dealer a note thanking them because your car is working great and hasn’t needed service or let the restaurant manager know that the waitstaff and food was outstanding? We tend not to do that but can be awfully vocal when we’re complaining. Posting this not only lets GF (besides Mike) know that you appreciate the support you got but it reminds the rest of us that there are lots of silent happy people out there and not to focus on the negative.



Hi @pamelatomerlin - Thanks very much for the positive feedback, we really appreciate it, and personally I of course am really glad to hear you had such a positive experience.

As you’re back up and running, I’ll go ahead and close this topic, but thanks again for reaching out and letting us know!

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