Big problems with my replacement GF Pro

I got my replacement GF Pro and set it up yesterday. It worked great with just a minimal problem with alignment. Today it took one 30 mins. to boot up and go through all of the focus and centering process. Then it took forever to say I could push the magic button. This all after turning it on and off several times and waiting 30 sec. to turn it back on. When I finally was able to cut it cut my 2 circles overlapping and off the material. I NEED HELP! I NEED TO TALK TO A PERSON. I am not happy. Plus I sent my original pro back to you in a perfect box and I received this replacement in a torn up box missing one of the precious locking handles. please call me at the number you have on file.


There was a problem with their software this morning I must have signed for something I got this email service impairment 9/24/2020

Incident resolved

This incident has been resolved.

Should be working now

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Its not working still.

spamming other peoples posts is not going help you get going any faster. I am sorry its not working for you. Others that were experiencing the problem are working great.

I have posted a suggestion and would love to see what I and others can do to help over on the support post you started.

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Sorry that you are having troubles with your replacement GF PRO - I received my GF PRO replacement a couple of weeks ago and I’m experiencing issues as well. Mine has been in the “cooling down” phase for almost 2 hours now. I’m wondering if it’s a server issue thing again on there end like the homing was earlier. Mine finally finished homing and let me do an 8 minute engrave only to go into a cool down phase that’s prolonged anything I’ve ever experienced in the 7 months of owning my machine. I wish there was a number to call. :cry:

I’m so sorry for the trouble this morning.

Reviewing the logs, it looks like you were most likely affected by the incident earlier today.

It looks like your Glowforge is connected and you’ve been able to print since contacting us. That’s great!

Could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing any problems?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you, so I’m going to close this post.

If you are still having trouble, let us know. Please start a new post or reach out at