Big Puzzle. And a dog for good measure

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I’ve met a lot of people, and a lot of customers while traveling.

Rio and I were commissioned to do a large corporate puzzle/art piece/commemorative piece for a large New Mexico ortho clinic: 25 years, 25 pieces, plus 8 bone pieces for each ortho specialty.

When the project gets done and the customer says, “invoice me for more,” you say, “yes, ma’am.” hallelujah

Don’t mind the uneven fit… it does actually fit (and is flat), but the only place I had large enough to assemble it was the tent pad next door #rvlife

Reverse engraved 3x5’ puzzle, stained mission oak; 3030 green edge/coke bottle acrylic for the bone engraves (which the edges are really tough to photograph), with Pizazz Mono Mounts/standoffs.

Rio was super stoked to get out of the house… “house”, after I holed myself up inside trying to get it done on time. He got to enjoy a little river time.

Respect the Rio!


Love this! And Rio of course steals the show on all your posts :slight_smile:


Rio couldn’t steal all the thunder from that work. Huge puzzle, beautiful wood, great color and sweet stand-off technique. :star_struck:

I know that thrill, I quoted .75 apiece for those tokens, and the customer said “How about $1.00…”
“Wonderful! Just let me know when you want another 3000!”

Great work man!


Oh great display! (Yep, even Rio couldn’t photo bomb that one. Sorry Rio!) :smile:


Amazing stuff and Rio in the rio deserves its own thread,


Great job. Love the standoffs - and everything else.


Could swing by my place which is in Rio. Though it’s pronounced Rye-oh.


Couldn’t believe how expensive they are. I guess it’s negligible for just a normal 4-corner application. I wonder if the cheaper ones on amazon are just chrome plated, painted plastic or what?

I got these in town from a big wholesale supplier for the sign industry and they were almost $4/per.

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The ones on amazon are barely able to hold weight: crimped press-fit ends instead of milled & tapped. Fine for holding a small pane of plexi over a desk sign, but I would not trust them to hold a heavy piece up on a wall.


Oh gosh, all your puzzles are pretty amazing but this one–well, let’s just say it makes my heart go pitty-pat.

Really amazing job.


Good to know! These are really a quality piece. Overkill for their application here, but I’m ok with that.



And great pics of Rio on/in the Rio–reminds me that I still miss the area (and the food)–went to college at NM Tech in Socorro!


That’s TX Hill Country water :slight_smile: Know how you know? It’s clear. :slight_smile: He did play in the Rio Grande though when we were out that way – upstream though where it’s still pretty clean.


Extremely impressive! From the combination of materials to the stand-offs … really spectacular!


Awesome work!

Another great puzzle! The combined etched acrylic and stand-offs add up to a really cool effect.
First thing I noticed about Rio in the rio was how clear the water is! Looks like he was having a blast!

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