Birthday Fun - so many swizzle sticks and a cute cake topper {Pokemon & Star Wars & Cats}

We’ve got a ton of winter birthdays - making them festive with swizzle sticks (Star Wars, Pokemon, Cute Black Cat, WD-40) and a cute cake topper! My favorite might be the WD40 one. It’s my hubby’s intials and his 40th birthday this year.


Nice! I like the WD 40 the best too!


How awesome! Wishing WD a very happy 40th!


How fun to customize the decorations!! I can see the :two_hearts:


those all look fun

All the details make it special! WIth the GF, the details are easy!

For my 40th birthday, I was in the best shape of my life. On my 40th birthday several people said “Enjoy——It goes downhill after 40!!!”

Three weeks after my 40th birthday I sprang my ankle and knee.

Have a wonderful birthday but be very cautious. Do not engage in any activity that could cause a serious injury. Water skiing is over, snow skiing is over, running is over, jazzercise is over, aerobicize is over, horseback riding is over, any weekend sports is over, etc.

My orthopedic surgeon said there are only two safe activities—-walking on a treadmill and riding a stationary bike.

Love love love all the party supplies!!

Happy 40th birthday!!

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Has he never seen people who misjudge the treadmill and fall off when it throws them off the back? Or trip over the bike climbing on?