So guys…I was thinking…January 5th 2016 …I will be 60 years old…The"GLOW" in my eye would be a way to “FORGE” a nice birthday gift for me…would be to receive a special gift…(hint hint wink wink nudge nudge) for my Birthday. Whatta ya think? (wink wink)

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Maybe you don’t understand that they just went into stage 1 Beta a few weeks ago.
Willing to bet that Stage 2 beta will not even start until after your B-day.

Happy B-day early BTW.

Wishful thinking. They just went into the beta program a few weeks ago. Unlikely that any unit will ship by then.

At any rate happy early bday.

As a side note my bday is tomorrow.


Happy b-day to you!

Besides… Christmas Day is my Birthday. It would satisfy 2 gift requirements for my family.

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Is there a “flag post for bad puns” button?

Happy birthday! Well preemptivly to you. I’ll forget otherwise

Well gee guys…never expected a response so quickly…Happy Birthday to Karaelena, rpegg…and to anyone who has experienced the great phenomenon of being born near any holiday…lol Thank you all…still dreaming with a “Glow” in my eye…lol

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Heh, my wife’s birthday is January 6th. Out of curiosity, do you also have a tradition of “Christmas comes down on my birthday”?

Chris Gray
Dec 21, 1:40 PM

Well it used to be…“Well we have 7 children so this is Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one.”…but we still love you…lol

Good try!! Lol.

Just hope I don’t have to wait 'til I’m 60 to get mine.