Bit of etching & paint on leather

This is pretty simple, but hope is popular at my booth at San Genarro Italien Festival this weekend! I’ve already been adding color into etched areas on acrylic, so decided to apply idea to leather (have tested method I used for acrylic, without much success).

This one I made the etched out"cells" big enough to easily get a brush in to apply the acrylic leather paints. The letters are as-etched (I do wash out the soot before any work). These pouches are about 4"x6". And doing different color leathers, too.


Very nice!:sunglasses:

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Ooooo, excellent! I hope you do well with them.

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Those little pouches look great! Please let us know how you do at the festival!


They turned out nice!

Post-show update: I did sell one pouch, and a handful of the acrylic “charms” etched & dyed–a couple with map of italy, tricolor heart, like on the pouch, and an icon of Remus & Romulus & the she-wolf (symbol of Rome). And may work with the organizers to make some items for the foundation to sell at their booth, even (and helps that my main contact for the event/foundation works for a plastics company & may be able to get free scraps to work with! ).