Bitbox custom-cut storage / dividers



My Bitboxes finally came the other day. I spent the afternoon transferring all my games. My Glowforge is definitely going to be busy cutting custom dividers and storage containers that fit within the Bitbox boxes for some of the games (Dominion and Small World will probably be first.)

Before and after:


Nuns on the Run? @marmak3261 might have something to say about that one…


I have an issue with “Exploding Kittens”. (And “Robot Turtles”? What the heck is that?)

j/k @dan


Nuns on the run with exploding robot turtles – that’s the one I’m waiting for…


As it happens, “Kittens” was invented by my friends Matt & (Glowforge investor) Elan. Also, Tsuro was published by Dawne and Jordan, also dear friends and Glowforge investors.

Small world.

(No, I don’t know who invented smallworld).


Anyone else have “it’s a small world after all, it’s a small world…” burrowing through their ears into their brain now? Kids loved that ride at Disney when they were little and hated it only a couple of years later :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I still haven’t played Slap .45, keep forgetting to try it out cause it gets lost on the shelf!


Also created by a Glowforge investor. :slight_smile: I missed that one!


We were playing “Hive Mind” today and the cue was “name three synonyms for ‘none’”. I said “sister” and got a lot of groans.


Not everyone thinks so far off the wall… we’re all glad you do.