Bitmaps in SVGs not uploading properly

I am having trouble this morning getting embedded bitmaps to engrave correctly. They behave as if they are very low resolution when they are not. Two sheets of proofgrade have already been marred thanks to this. Can anybody see anything in my file that may be the culprit? I’m having the same issue (judging by the GFUI) with another similar file that burned beautifully just yesterday, so I kind of think the issue may be in the cloud.

When I Survey Box - Plain

Usually has something to do with rotating the bitmaps in the 3rd party S/W. Can’t remember exactly the steps and things to avoid. Someone else will remember the specifics.


Are you using inkscape? There have been problems reported with rotating images in inkscape.

From an earlier post:
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Yes, if your bitmap is rotated just a slight degree off the horizontal you can get that blurring effect. Check your file and make sure it didn’t get shifted a little while you were placing it.

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As I said can’t remember all of the specifics but if you are using Inkscape, make sure you are saving the files as “plain SVG” and not Inkscape SVG. That may or may not be related but it will save you grief for other issues.

Weird. I’ve used images rotated in Inkscape with no issues before. Not using the handles to rotate, but the 90 degree buttons. I will investigate further. Thanks.

I think it may have been @marmak3261 who found this - it as only when rotated a degree or two - not even necessarily noticeable looking at it. I think he saw it from the box where you can type in degrees to rotate.

PNG seems to work better than JPG when embedding in an SVG from personal experience.

PNG is a lossless format, JPG is not. There are some operations that can be done in a lossless way on JPG (multiple of 90 degree rotations, for example), but some software doesn’t even do that correctly. So depending on how the software is manipulating things, it may be re-encoding the JPG every time you do something to it, leading to a loss of quality each time.

So yeah, I generally use PNG when file size isn’t a concern.

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Sometimes you get lucky and it works. (Or at least the image degradation is within a tolerable range.) But in general the GF does not handle rotated bitmaps well at all. It’s strongly recommended that you do your bitmap rotation in a bitmap editor (e.g., Photoshop) and reimport to your vector editor.

Or if your vector editor has a command to re-rasterize a rotated bitmap that may also work.

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^^^^ This.

I know about the rotating issue, and still got burned last night. LOL. Had to rasterize a copy of the bitmap.

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Thanks everyone! @mhumphrey, have you had a satisfying print?

I am not sure of the context of your question. I generally don’t use Inkscape; I was just offering an opinion on possible sources of the issue in that software.

I’m so sorry; i meant to ask @marshall.sutton if your advice had helped, and switched who i was naming!

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I did get a good engrave, but only by importing the raster images separate from the SVG entirely. I could use the fuzzy impression of the embedded rasters to line up the clear ones, then ignore the embedded ones. It is frustrating but functional.

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if you into any other trouble, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!