Bittersweet morning



So today was the day to bid goodbye to my PRU Forge Ahead. Somewhat bittersweet, even though my forvever forge is better in every respect (door closes smoothly, quieter, works reliably…) but the PRU has been my making buddy for months. I noticed I still had the paella pallet from MFNY in my trunk (not sure when else I will need it…). Luckily the main fedex depot is 2 minutes from my house. The woman behind the counter lifted it like it was nothing! (she said they have to be able to lift up to 150lbs!)


We’ve all become wiser because of you and your beloved PRU, @henryhbk. Thanks for all of your contributions to the forum.


Yes, you could probably make a very interesting composite material from the weird dust that fell out of that crumb tray. Travertine, taco, silicone…


Top it off with some guac.


And pink peeps for afters. :smile:


I swear the guacamole stains were there when I got it! :grinning:


I don’t know where on Earth you are, but that photo of green grass and blue sky made my day! :sunglasses:


In fairness it was 21 degrees when I took that photo near Boston…


That peep is still sitting on the side of our kitchen counter! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Time to let it go now. :smile:
(Although since they make wreaths out of the damned things, I’m not sure they ever decay. Kind of like Twinkies.)



Farewell, and I can’t wait to see what your new friend brings!


I saw that it finally made it to its new home at GFHQ. I hope whoever takes it home has as much fun as I did with it…