Bizarre homing problem

We have cleaned all of our lenses and then turning on the machine it starts to go through the normal boot process. After the head goes under the camera it seems to take on a new direction. The head moves around a little, then the gantry goes a little forward and the head moves again. It does this a few times always scooting a little more forward until it bumps into the front door. Then it will show an error on the computer showing it bumped into something.

I cleaned everything again and then did a full reboot on everything. Glowforge, computer and router. after everything was back online I booted up the glowforge again and I am still getting the same weird problem.

I know in the past the black cable had something to do with a homing problem so I checked all those connections and they are all seated nicely.

What else could be causing this weird problem? we cannot get the glowforge to boot up so we can work on projects.

Cheers everyone!

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Out of curiosity - is the logo on the top of the head clean? That’s what the camera is looking for - it’s not just decorative!


I would try shutting it off, moving the head under the camera and then turn it on.


Got material in the machine at startup? Don’t do that.

Weird lighting? Bright lights can be a problem.

Cleaned the lid camera lens? Needs to be able to see.


Yes, I have cleaned the top of the head for that very reason.

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I have also tried this and it has not helped with the homing issue during initial boot up.

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No material was in the machine other than the tray. Lights are as good as they always are.

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A few times when I’ve had sunlight or other bright light hitting my Glowforge I’ve had to cover the top with a towel or a sheet of proofgrade. Bright light can confuse the camera. So maybe give that a try? :man_shrugging:t2:


I had the issue and then cleaned the lid camera lens and that solved the problem.

The lid camera has a cable that runs to the side LEDs that connect to the black cable. I have seen a few cases where too much “cleaning” shorted out the lid camera cable so that needs to be inspected. For that reason the area of that cable never gets cleaned by me.


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