Black arch at bottom of app screen

I just received my replacement/refurbished Glowforge Pro. Does anyone one have an idea of what the half arch is showing at the bottom view of the tray bed? I didn’t see that on my last Glowforge.
Image 8-12-22 at 1.12 PM

It’s just an artifact of how the camera is mounted, nothing to be concerned over.


The black area is an artifact of flattening a fisheye image, which is what the lid camera produces.

The size of the black curved space where no data exists will depend on the thickness of your material.

It is normal and not anything you can fix or need to worry about.


Yep, what they^ said. Mine looks the same!


Thank you so much. For a moment I thought I was seeing things.

What a super helpful response!

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Thank you so much. Very nice to know and very helpful post.

UPDATE: I had also filed a ticket with Tech Support who said it should not be there and immediately sent me a replacement. Thanks again.

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