Black Cable Installation

I finally received the replacement black cable after waiting two weeks and It did not come with instructions, can someone send them to me ?

Support will send them now that you have posted here (unless some other owner who has received them chimes in)…

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Thanks, I’m really annoyed with the lack of response from customer service and then not getting instructions. I get it that they probably have thousands of emails but not responding for a week is not good.

You’re better off waiting to receive the instructions from support, because incorrect installation has the potential to damage your machine and then you might have to send the whole thing in to be repaired.

When you get them, read them carefully and take your time.
(My helpful advice for the day.) :wink:


@citygirlpaints I’m so sorry you didn’t get the instructions for your replacement cable! We have emailed the instructions to you earlier today, so I’m going to close this thread. If you have any other questions or run into any trouble, please start a new thread or email