Black cable of doom

Had anyone ever heard an actual answer on why so many of these cables go bad? In the facebook groups someone is posting almost daily about needing a black cable or needing another black cable. What’s up with these things? Is there a reason they are all going bad so often and so close together?

We’ve never heard anything official. My guess is that the cables are being pulled against the metal lip behind them when people open the lid fully upright. (That stresses them and breaks them inside prematurely.)

People who don’t open the lid a full 90° get a lot more use out of them before time eventually wears them out. (Mine is a couple years old and going strong.)


I assumed we had a newer longer one in the machine because it didn’t get close until fully open but the new one is way longer. But even with the longer one I see people needing a new one shortly after replacing it.

Who knows? Might be a bad cable. Might have been installed incorrectly. (There are over 20 thousand of these things out there now, we actually see very few reports of problems with them.)

I’m late to this thread. It’s not the opening that’s the problem. It’s the closing. The stiff cable gets bent twice at right angles every time the lid closes.

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