Black Cable Shipping issue

Has anyone else recently received the infamous lid cable scrunched up in a tiny box??? Previously when I received one it was in a tube and laid flat… This time I ordered two… someone had crammed both into a small box 6x6x6 (I believe) and both cables arrived with a kink… I was instructed to go ahead and change the cable… but it wouldn’t lay flat and immediately when I turned my machine on sparks flew and now I have a paper weight. Has anyone else received replacement parts poorly packaged? I’ve reached out to support and hoping this will fix it.

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I ordered one as a spare and it was shipped in a small square box rolled up but didn’t have any kinks in it…

Have you had to use it yet??? If so did you have any issues?

Nope I haven’t used it yet, still on my original cable. Bought as a backup if or when I do need one.

I have had the same shipping experience with this part.

I ordered a spare lid cable long ago and that one came bubble wrapped and in a tube. Very well packed.

I ordered another one more recently, and this new fulfillment company used a small box with no bubble wrap.

So you’re not alone.


If I order one again I will specify a tube or long box, and refuse it if it comes in the cubed box. They are fragile enough as it is, and even if it is still working, there will likely be a weak place there. :grimacing:

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I wouldn’t use it, this is our ours came, and when I placed it… it smoked and now my machine is dead. I truly believe my issues are due to the cable shipping

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