Black Friday Proofgrade store


I hope to see a Glowforge Proofgrade store online this black friday!


Stockpiling materials eh? :wink: - Rich


Would love to :slight_smile:
Also would rather not go out of the house this black friday, so I will spend my Christmas shopping money on supplies to make delayed Christmas gifts for family!


Maybe the Proofgrade shop will be open for Cyber Monday :slight_smile:


They mentioned the $150 Proofgrade ® along with the GF once they start shipping. I wonder if/what materials they decided upon. We also mentioned a while back in a forum post of possible swaps ( i.e. If someone doesn’t like death-fabric and it includes it maybe another user will trade acrylic with them, etc) Just feel so much :squeeee: today


That would be $150. - Rich


oops edited… must be thinking the black Friday discount ? lol :neutral_face: