Black Granite Help


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Help Please!! I have a Black Granite memorial that I’m doing. got the granite from LaserSketch. Me and the granite struggle, probably because I haven’t worked with it much.
What I’m looking for is the Lettering, Dates to be white. I have turned the photos to black & white, used floyd steinberg at 100% and inverted. When I go to save as an SVG, I’m getting these three issues: 1). Bitmap images, 2). Invalid I.D.'s found, 3). Non-RGB colors.

I am attaching the SVG, a PDF and the original design. Yes, i know this is a 12" x 12" and I have put a 1/2" border around it to compensate for the Glowforge working area.

I need to send this out no later than Monday for it to arrive in time for the memorial, so you can see, I NEED HELP and would be willing to pay for it. Thanks, BobMarge Memorial PDF in Progress.pdf (2.6 MB)


You can send a PDF file instead of a SVG file to the Glowforge. I do it all the time.


There are a few different issues that I can see: mixed RGB and CMYK elements, clipping masks on the images, dates need to be punched out from boxes, and the quote improperly boolened- looks like an exclude rather than a unite.
Since you are not doing any cutting here, I would suggest setting up the whole layout in photoshop, with all the dithering in place, then invert it and save it as a PNG. That should sidestep all of the vector layering problems, the mixed color spaces, the clipping masks, etc.


Thank you!! I,m running a test and will let you see how it came out. I’m not very diverse with photoshop, use Corel Draw 2018 mostly. But, I’ll give it my best shot.


You can do the same thing in Corel using Draw & Photo. There are a few of us CDers here.