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Help Please!! I have a Black Granite memorial that I’m doing. got the granite from LaserSketch. Me and the granite struggle, probably because I haven’t worked with it much.
What I’m looking for is the Lettering, Dates to be white. I have turned the photos to black & white, used floyd steinberg at 100% and inverted. When I go to save as an SVG, I’m getting these three issues: 1). Bitmap images, 2). Invalid I.D.'s found, 3). Non-RGB colors.

I am attaching the SVG, a PDF and the original design. Yes, i know this is a 12" x 12" and I have put a 1/2" border around it to compensate for the Glowforge working area.

I need to send this out no later than Monday for it to arrive in time for the memorial, so you can see, I NEED HELP and would be willing to pay for it. Thanks, BobMarge Memorial PDF in Progress.pdf (2.6 MB)

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You can send a PDF file instead of a SVG file to the Glowforge. I do it all the time.

There are a few different issues that I can see: mixed RGB and CMYK elements, clipping masks on the images, dates need to be punched out from boxes, and the quote improperly boolened- looks like an exclude rather than a unite.
Since you are not doing any cutting here, I would suggest setting up the whole layout in photoshop, with all the dithering in place, then invert it and save it as a PNG. That should sidestep all of the vector layering problems, the mixed color spaces, the clipping masks, etc.


Thank you!! I,m running a test and will let you see how it came out. I’m not very diverse with photoshop, use Corel Draw 2018 mostly. But, I’ll give it my best shot.

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You can do the same thing in Corel using Draw & Photo. There are a few of us CDers here.

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