Black Heat Treated Stainless Steel

Has anyone lasered black colored heat treated stainless steel?

Would anyone be able to help me with settings to use?

Also, I’m assuming I will need some Laser Bond 100 or similar?

Thanks for the help!


Yes, you need cermark, laserbond or moly lube to mark stainless steel. With moly I used the setting of 800 speed and full power for the opener below. But if the steel is already blackened, I’m not sure how using something to turn the lasered area black would help?


maybe the pearl white cermark? I haven’t used it myself, but it looks interesting.


That does look like it would work! That price though. :astonished:


Thanks for the settings! Yeah its already black so I’ll have to look into a white marking agent. Great job on that bottle opener!


Wow! That looks promising but the price on that is steep. I might try and find the product that I want to laser in just plain stainless. Thank you for the help!

This tech is neat-o, but the price is not.


Yeah, no kidding! I wonder how far a jar goes?

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Bear's%20Bottle%20Opener I decided to use Medium Walnut Proof Grade for my openers. I like the wood feel.


They claim 1,000 square inches. But you need a spray unit to apply so I expect that coverage includes the waste you have to wash off. An airbrush might help you minute the extra are you need to cover in order to get your engraving area covered.

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