Black hinge stuck, lid separation

I am creating a new topic as I need Glowforge to contact me.

Dec. 14, 2021 my lid was stuck open because one of my black hinge was stuck. I had to disassemble the hinge to close the lid. My husband tried to relax it with WD40 and pliers and no luck. I have contacted Glowforge as I just wanted a replacement hinge. I know they don’t sell just the hinges but I figure ask. They told me the best they could do is replace my whole Glowforge pro and I pay for shipping. I said I will think about it but please let me know if a hinge is available as I was working on orders. I was still able to work with the hinge off.

I took a break as I had an emergency delivery of my 5th child and I needed a small project done. Just as I opened the lid the 2nd hinge froze and doesn’t close well. I have contacted Glowforge multiple times since May 11, 2022 and I have not heard back from them. I really hope everything is ok at Glowforge because I never encountered problems with customer service until now.

Glowforge customer support no longer monitors the forum, hence the change in the forum from Support to Community Support. You need to email them to get support. You will only be getting support from the community here, and there isn’t much we can do other than recommend ways to repair the door yourself.


Thanks Ben! I have been emailing them. I feel at a lost now.

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