Black lid Cable - need to order

So, had to order a black lid cable, and replaced it, but I think it wasn’t lined up correctly the first time I tried to start it. There was a flickering zap where the bottom portion connects.
Tried repositioning the connections, but no luck.
I think I need to reorder a new black lid cable (pretty sure the other one fried or something); however, I have not heard back from support since last week.
I have a bunch of orders piling up, and I really, really need this fixed ASAP.
Any way to order besides going through support?

Thanks to whoever can help!

Yeah, no. Likely that the zap was something more than the cable. Need to wait for Support to walk you through things.


Yeah, that’s likely the circuit board where the cable connects.

Take a very good pic of that part, and wait for support.

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We are so sorry that it’s taken us that long to get back to you!

I see that you emailed us about this too. I am about to follow up with you there so I am going to close this thread.