Black lid cable

Desperately need a new black lid cable but can’t seem to get any help from support!!
Anyone got a extra to overnight?

Three days and no reply from anyone? Weekend? Hope it works out for you.

Oh no! It looks like your emails may not have reached us.

I’ve just sent you an email about your replacement part. Will you let us know if you received it? I’m going to keep this forum thread open so we can make sure you are receiving our emails.

I finally received my cable. However this cable did not resolve my issue

Wondering what issues you had and is it still going? I’ve been dealing with support and just waiting on a reply back but I’m dealing with what was suggested as a cable issue too.

They narrowed it down to “an issue that cannot be fixed remotely”. Resulted in getting a referb. Will be looking into a better brand. Best of luck to you buddy!

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