Black Limestone Table Protectors

I’m gearing up to launch a craft business in the run up to Christmas this year, focusing on beautiful, functional item which have a sustainable angle (using either recycled parts or waste products as components). My neighbours have just finished having some paving done and they were going to throw away a bunch of black limestone off-cuts… not on my watch.

Here’s an engraving of Lancaster’s (UK) Ashton Memorial I vector traced from a photo yesterday morning. I’m planning on creating a set like this for a few of Lancaster’s well known sights.

Here’s the mess I made doing it using a tile cutter my dad lent me (did the job admirably though!):


Very nice recovery of a still (obviously) useful material. Great work!


Nice! (If messy!) :grinning:


i’ve snagged a few things that our interior design group was going to throw away, but nothing quite as nice as that black limestone. looks great.


Nice work.

Tile saws are without a doubt the loudest tool I’ve ever personally used. Maybe a jackhammer might outdo it, but I haven’t tried one yet.


Great save!

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Good luck on your new adventure.

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