Black Lives Matter Sign

Scored the letters to easily create an outline.
My friends are going to local protests, and while I cannot be there in person, I wanted to contribute.

I’m making 3 signs double signed
Here’s the first one
(almost done, I just wanted to share!!)



I’ve used my GF for protest signs too.

For anyone expecting to carry a banner for some time - I have three bits of advice.

  1. Make it as light as possible. Cardboard is great.

  2. Use a long pole, ideally a round smooth one - like from long rake.

It is much nicer for the hands when holding it for 8 hours and also gets the poster higher as well. With the right outfit you can even jam it in your waistband.

A squared or rough pole can be really wearing after a few hours.

  1. Make sure you can fit it in your car or whatever transport you are using.

Good luck and stay safe out there.


I would add this: If using a squared or rough pole, wrap the handle with duct tape. :slight_smile:


Thank you both for the tips!

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Very Nice.
Rhetorical Question…Did you paint with acrylic by hand without the tape?
Very nice, and very neat.
How did you avoid the paint from bleeding over:

Thank you! I outlined with acrylic markers - I highly recommend Arteza from amazon
Then i used an small angle brush to paint the acrylic - just used some ol’ paints from amazon

what I’ve learned, I dont need to outline before I paint. So next time i’m using the scores for my outline/border then after it dries I’ll go back over with the black marker for the border.

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This looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing and for letting your voice be heard!


The sign looks great!

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Looks awesome!

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that’s cool I made something too out of acrylic

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share! I’d love to see :slight_smile:
Also, welcome to the community!!


Sign #2, i decided to engraved the fist

Also including the SVG here if someone wants it :slight_smile:
I made the MATTERS red so it’s a separate segment in the print b/c my board is bigger than the bed and i have to run two jobs


Uploading: EC6730E6-31B4-49DF-A0DA-2204422DADF8.jpeg…

I made it for a memorial we attended on the 27th

i’m not sure it uploaded - looks like a broken link! :frowning:


:open_mouth: absolutely breathtaking and beautiful!!! That’s an amazing tribute

Did you sand afterwards to get any over spill?

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All is left is to add the handles. Signs go out to local protests tomorrow! :black_heart::heart:
I used a mixed of acrylic paint and acrylic markers.