Black Lives Matter Sign

Recently got a glowforge filter? The cardboard works great for signs!
Forgot to take into account the handles… so I just painted the letters that’s were blocked.
Wrapped the handles with extra bike handle wrap!


That’s beautiful!!!
The sentiment is even more beautiful!

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Another approach — masking the board first, laser cut just through tape, pull off the letters to expose the unmasked areas for painting.

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yea, i didn’t have the time or desire to tape it. In my experience, paint tends to bleed
I knew i wanted to outline them so it didn’t matter

These came out great!

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A fun fact about using plywood is that it helps protect from the rubber bullets. :black_heart:
If you can, please consider donating signs to your local protest groups!


Wow, talk about trolling another’s topic. Equating anything with Charles Manson’s cult is pretty far out there even in today’s conspiracy environment.


I see that so many Americans succumb to herd emotions and tend to lumpen.

Venezuela and Cuba in the past also began their journey to the “people’s countries”. Now they have what they have. You don’t want the same thing, do you?
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Have a nice day!

It’s great to see BLM post bring someone out of the woods for 2 years hiding. :sweat_smile:
Keep fighting the good fight, y’all. :black_heart::fist:t5:


everyone will get what they deserve.
Fight and reap your own fruits as Venezuela has done many years ago.
Good luck …

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GREAT JOB! most importantly the message!!!

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Good thing. It’s our secret power. That’s why we can save the enlightened from people like Stalin :grin:

Stalin was the leader of the lumpens …

Just a thought, perhaps something I’ll try - wondering if making a multi-pass score would create a deep enough score that the deeper score line would prevent any bleeding when painting? Not sure if this makes sense but just a thought :thinking:

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Maybe, but i think it’s more to do with the adhesion of the tape itself. I’ve done other cut & paints in the past where i’ve made sure the tape is really stuck (using a scraper/credit card across it) it gave me minimum bleed.

Stalin, as all autocrats was the leader of himself. Anyone else who was deluded into believing he had any interest in their problems except insofar as they might profit him was unfortunately led astray. As are today’s great masses who believe in current autocrats who are going to “help the people” even as every action harms those people while enriching (or further empowering) the autocrat. That’s the definition of dear leaders in all countries, even those where the autocrat is not yet acknowledged. Unfortunately by the time they are recognized, it’s usually too late to undo the damage.

The lumpen are definitely with us in America today. However I expect it’s a matter of viewpoint as to who they are. Personally, I don’t expect it’s the group who think any citizen should not have to fear their own police or their government. I also expect those who think that’s acceptable & even necessary to “control” those who disagree are likely to not see themselves as the unwashed and unthinking that Marx labeled. Sheep are often the first to think they are wolves :roll_eyes:

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I know all about what is happening in Venezuela because I am a Venezuelan American. Everyone from my family is suffering. No money, very little food, half of the month they have no utilities, no medicine, no toilet paper, no personal products for women, no insulin, etc.

They do have rampant crime. They do have gangs that follow you home to steal what little you have. If you do not have anything to give them they will burn your house down. They will chop off your fingers to steal your jewelry.

February 2002, was the last time I visited Venezuela. From 2002-2007, I tried to get some family members here to America. I would pay for the airline ticket and get them set up in an apartment. Everyone was in some mental state believing life was fantastic in Venezuela. Not one family member wanted to come to the United States.

In the last 4-5 years, I have received hundreds of E-mails begging for money. Dozens of phone calls—- now wanting to come to the United States.

Now it is too late. My home is no longer open for extended family members.

I am going to be facetious will this last statement.

Venezuela does have Facebook.


Please, can we keep this topic to the original subject? Making signs with the glowforge…



It’s not exactly just about making signs. It’s about making very specific and politically charged signs. Even for those of us who support the issue can see that it’s not a topic that will not draw in alternate commentary from political ideologies stuck in 1860.

Comments about protection from rubber bullets is just as political as @ativanvl’s trolling.

Since he apparently is serious and not simply pulling people’s chains, I acknowledge there’s no likelihood he’ll change his mind about things so it’s not worth engaging him further.

However, if you want to keep your threads from getting hijacked by the likes of him, you’ll need to keep them to the technical or artistic aspects of your 'forging. Leave the rubber bullets to others.