Black n White thumbnails in design library

Is it just me or are others getting black n white thumbnails in design library since they added the new features (position and scale dialog box)? This is only for new thumbnails, not existing. BTW I love the new features, especially the ability to unlock x/y scale ratio. Can we get a key-in rotation added?
R.L. Hamm

Mine are still colored. What browser and OS are you using?

Windows 10/Chrome.

Can you send a screenshot to show what you are talking about?

All the black & white are from today:

Thx, yeah mine are the same way. All rasters or bitmaps are black and the strokes or cut lines are red in the thumbnails on the new ones I upload. Not sure if it is a bug or a feature yet, appears to have started recently tho.

These are all ‘vector only’ just like the colored ones, just started today when the new features were added.

maybe what it thinks or what you have set as an engrave appear black and cut lines are red? not sure, just tossing some information out there. To me that seems to be what is happening.

All vector set to score, NO engraving!

The change came with the “update thumbnail” feature that was part of the app update.

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i notice it now too. and all you have to do is open an old one to get it to go back to the top and it goes from colored to BW.

they also look lower resolution.



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Today is the first day I’m playing in over a week and I’m not a fan of the new “save the last look of the part” icon on the dashboard.

The low res is annoying. The state change is annoying too :slight_smile:

I don’t know what GF is thinking with that change, it’s lousy. I’m opening a support ticket.

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Posting here already opened a support ticket. That’s the point of this forum.

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ohhh, ok, I got mixed up with my post yesterday which was not in this forum, thanks again Fly.

Took a look at it, and it appears that colors are limited to files purchased from the Glowforge catalog. They maintain colors, and do not pop to the front of the line when opened and closed.

Direct created designs do revert to black and white when opened and closed, and move to the top left position on the dashboard.

So that might possibly be a method of differentiating between the two types of files.

Thanks for letting us know about this. The team is looking into it now. We’ll update this thread with more details just as soon as we find out more.

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Thanks for your patience, all. I’ve confirmed with the team that this is part of the updates that were made to improve the thumbnail previews so they more accurately reflect the current contents of the file. I’m sorry for the confusion. I’ve passed along your feedback regarding the loss of the color designations and resolution in upload thumbnails, as well as the request for a key-in rotation.