Black oxide coated knife

Ive seen nice engravings done but i just can’t figure out the right settings. Has anyone tried this? If so could you please share your settings, I’m on a GF pro btw

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There’s probably a lot of variation here. I think you’re just going to have to test on a spare blade.

The thickness of the oxide is unknown. No harm in asking the question, but no one can give you a definitive answer for the particular material you have in your hands. Test all the things.

You can immobilize the object in a jig, and starting with low power, sneak up on the desired result by running the file again.

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thanks, i ended up just going for it and it worked out really well


Yoloooooo! Hah, good guesses are the best guesses.

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If you want to contribute to the collective, you could share pics and settings, so others can use them as starting points for their own testing.

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Can I ask what settings you used?

I opened another topic in which i shared the settings, here’s the link!