Black Ribbon Cable Causing a Panic

As people start to charge now up to $800 for those Back lid cables that Glowforge has seriously dropped the ball on . I got an email offer of $500 for mine , as I have two machines.

My fear is once I were to tear it off the machine , the ribbon will be comprimised.

Im sorry this happened to everyone , but I cannot let mine go
I would suggest you contact glowforge and Sceam loud and hope they support you.

with Xmas around the corner , im sure this is going to get much worse.

I cannot imagine that it would not be. When I changed mine I was happily surprised that it eventually worked but I would not be surprised if it didn’t. however, since they extended the vertical arm to almost double what it was, I would expect most of the problems to go away.

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I would never try to sell a cable that had been used / taken out of another machine…nor, would I buy one from someone who had done that. They are delicate in their own way and I think it would be disastrous to try reinstalling it again.


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