Black spot in middle of tracings, appears lid lens dirty

Just received my Goldforge Pro today. Still learning my way around. When I add artwork via the tracing feature there is a large black spot in middle of the tracings. Appears as if the wide angle lens on lid has something on it. I have cleaned the lens but the black is still there, and it comes into the workspace with the tracings. Anyone else experiencing this?

not usual.

Post a picture if you can.

First off, congrats on the new machine and welcome to the forum!

No way to tell if it’s the same as I experienced, but yes, I had something similar and it was a small piece of debris on the inside of the camera. Unfortunately there is no way for you to get it out if that’s what it is. (And it may not be!) I think you’ll have to wait for support to take a look and get back to you. If it is debris like mine was the good news is it shouldn’t stop you for running you GF until they do get back to you.


Thank you. I also think it is something behind the lens. It appears the lens can be removed, but I see nothing in suggested maintenance about removing the wide angle lens. So I have opted to wait for support and see what they say.


Good call as the lens is not removable. (I mean, it probably can be removed, but not suppose to be fiddled with. :slight_smile: )


Searching back through the Support forum this evening I have learned I am not the first with this issue. That lens is not user serviceable, thus their units were replaced.


You no doubt have a cell phone or some kind of digital camera and some graphics software, I’d use that before gave any day.

Trace is nice for a one-off thing but generally more annoying to me than a photo and a few minutes in software

Correct. But giving what I paid for this, I expect it to be able to do all as promoted and not hindered due to a hardware quality shortcoming.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.