Black's Black

I’ve got some of this but can’t figure out what to make with it :slight_smile:

Black 3.0


A portable hole!
The entrance to a haunted house
A painting of Eurydice entering or leaving hell
The background of a layered design
Best sugar skull ever?


As someone whose job requires him to wear black 7 days a week, I do not get the fascination with this color. I understand that it is the absence of color that makes it a strong signal. But to me black has become the comic sans of fashion.


I do, when I was about 12 years old my mother took to the NY Met Museum during one of my fathers conferences. The painting that held my fascination was all black but the longer you stared at it, you see it was multiple blacks and a picture emerged. Don’t know who the artist was, but it stuck.

It taught me to take the time to look, really look at things. You see so much more if you take the time.

Plus you learn to buy a lint brush :slight_smile:


Are you Anish Kapoor?


Negative :slight_smile:


I just ordered some of the glowiest glow in the dark! Can’t wait to play with it.

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I’d start with something black maybe? :woman_shrugging::rofl:

I never really knew how many versions of blacks there was before getting into tie-dye and seeing all the different black procion dyes available. Acquiring a deep, true black is the holy grail of tie-dying and I’m still looking for it.


Is that rating from Consumer Reports or the maker?

Had to stop some energetic clerks once who kept replacing a piece of equipment every two years. It was a pain to set up, so I finally cornered them on it.
They showed me where the manufacturer recommended it be replaced every two years because of wear and tear. I suggested they wait until we could not calibrate it anymore, because of wear and tear.

It was a very d’uh moment. The people making it wanted you on a forever leash and they were complying.


I’m sure it’s just a marketing phrase, but I’ll let you know how glowy it turns out to be! (It’s also from CultureHustle)


As someone who is forced not only to write stuff like that, but be in endless meetings about what should be written and how to document we proved it, I hope you at least rewarded them for actually reading the documentation.

I’m not disagreeing with your conclusion. I just like to reward people who actually read the documentation AND understand it.


@bkressley, did you ever figure a project out?

I painted a creature with some, it’s pretty cool.

That being said it’s definitely not as dark as a true vantablack or the like but it’s not bad. Definitely required a couple coats on the bare Baltic birch ply. If I do something like this again I will probably spray paint the piece with a black primer first. It’ll get me out of one or two coats of black 3.0.


Nope, only just back the replacement :glowforge: and been busy with life :slight_smile: Looks good though.


I learned how many shades of black there are when I became an Air Force wife. Sorting the black socks when I did laundry was kind of a nightmare.


Back in the days when I could easily reach my feet I would buy ten pairs of socks at a time, and any other purchase not try for identical but ten of another. I rarely had three operational ones to wear but I could find matches easily.


curious to know if anyone used it with jewelry and determined how easily it rubbed off. I might have to figure that out myself one day, cause I have a tone of idea to use this black

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