Blades boxes for Barber shop. 💈

Hi guys.

Still the same barber shop, after the Open and Closed sign he asked also few boxes for the razor blades.

One divided in two sections for two different types of blades and another one bigger for the disposable blades!

Hope you like it!



Cool safety idea! (Beats leaving them lying around.) :grinning:


They look good … And serve a purpose. Win win.

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the lettering looks good…

but shouldn’t those be going into a Sharps/Biohazard container?

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Yeah! But have u ever seen a barber shop with a biohazard container for razor blades!? :blush:

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I don’t think they’re a biohazard unless they have blood on them. Hopefully the barbers are skilled enough to avoid that!

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I believe they’re required in CT for barbers & hairdressers. I was surprised when I first saw one in the barber’s. Now they’re popping up in public restrooms everywhere for people who have to self-medicate away from home (like diabetics).

Wow! Never saw it ! But makes sense!

True! Lol!