Blank bed image

Looks like it’s fixed but just to add one more thing, since it looks like you have a lot of extensions and customizations in your browser… sometimes my ad blocker will decide to break the Glowforge interface, so I make sure to whitelist it.


It happens from time to time. Usually a refresh of the browser fixes it but that day it was specifically not wanting to go back to normal. I’ve only seen it once or twice since.

I’m experiencing the same issue, blank screen or partially loaded file that is not selectable or moveable. I’ve tried all of the above (reboots of all machines and router/refreshes/clearing caches&cookies,etc.).

Of note however, the note above about Chrome being at 73.0.3626.121… On my Mac, under “about Chrome,” it states I have version 67.0.3396.87 AND that it is “up to date.” (Perhaps it’s a Mac vs PC version?) I did not have any problems only a couple of weeks ago. So the Chrome update would make sense, except that my computer thinks it’s up to date.

:frowning: So sad. Can’t create. Do I need to create another thread and/or contact support directly myself? Or is it something that I can piggy back here? Was hoping I’d find the solution without having to get staff involved.

Appreciate the help from staff and the community here at any rate.

They will only address one person’s issue per thread, so you’d need to open your own to get staff support. (Opening a thread in P&S creates a support ticket, so don’t duplicate by also sending them email; that just slows things down.)


Thanks for following up, @JeremyNielsen. I’m going to close this thread, but we’ll keep digging into this on our end. In the meantime, if you encounter this problem again please start a new thread or email us at

@n_dawson I’m sorry to hear you ran into trouble as well. We try to limit support threads to one issue and user per topic. If you start your own thread, it will create a support ticket, and we’ll be happy to help.

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