Blank out the visible background in GF app?

Is there any way to “blank out” the background when working in the online Glowforge app? I’m trying to play with my next file, but the last piece of wood that was under the camera is still showing and it is really making it hard to see what I’m doing. Obviously, I can go turn the GF on, put in a “blank” something for the camera to see… but I’d rather not go to that length and would just prefer to work on my file without the distraction of the camera’s image.

I asked the same thing a few weeks ago. The answer was, sadly, no.

Nope. The camera image remains.

If you happen to have a Pro, you could slide a very thin piece of cardboard or poster board into the slot, then refresh the bed image (it’s under the three dots menu).

Yes, but… that requires the whole “going down and turning it on and waiting for it to calibrate” thing that I mentioned I was trying to avoid doing.

FYI - you can scroll up/down/left/right and you’ll have a blank canvas - what you won’t have is the grey “out of range” bars if you need those…

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Oh, that’s a good work around. Thanks.

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Thank you for the answer @linefeed, that’s right! Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll make sure the team gets them!