Blended keyring


So we’ve had our Glowforge in the UK now for about a day.

Astonished by the accuracy of the cutting. It made blending some of the proof grade materials together trivial.

Noticed that it might be worth running a ‘score’ arount the edge of an ‘etch’ to remove the micro small jagged edge.

Is this possible?




yup. i’ve done that a few times as well. gives a nice clean edge.


I never thought about doing a score around the edge to knock off the sharp corners. Good idea! This looks cool together!


Does the score cut past the etch point or will it work out the surface level is still the top of the material?


it does cut a little deeper. but you can always experiment a little and go manual and lower the settings if you want.


Very nice! They fit together extremely well! :grinning:


Great job … Nice to get a new piece of equipment and knock out a cool project so quickly!


Is the mask still on it?


Yes, that works well to have a bit better definition around an etch. You do have to make a separate object for the score that is placed over/under the engraved shape. Outline stroke defined with a color (or colour for you!) and no fill for the score.

Nice work! Thanks for posting.