Blended keyring

So we’ve had our Glowforge in the UK now for about a day.

Astonished by the accuracy of the cutting. It made blending some of the proof grade materials together trivial.

Noticed that it might be worth running a ‘score’ arount the edge of an ‘etch’ to remove the micro small jagged edge.

Is this possible?




yup. i’ve done that a few times as well. gives a nice clean edge.

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I never thought about doing a score around the edge to knock off the sharp corners. Good idea! This looks cool together!

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Does the score cut past the etch point or will it work out the surface level is still the top of the material?

it does cut a little deeper. but you can always experiment a little and go manual and lower the settings if you want.


Very nice! They fit together extremely well! :grinning:

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Great job … Nice to get a new piece of equipment and knock out a cool project so quickly!

Is the mask still on it?

Yes, that works well to have a bit better definition around an etch. You do have to make a separate object for the score that is placed over/under the engraved shape. Outline stroke defined with a color (or colour for you!) and no fill for the score.

Nice work! Thanks for posting.