Blown away with what this can do!


My daughter asked me to make her a pendants or her and her friends
Just for shits and giggles I took a photo of a Japanese banner I got from japan


After about half hour of messing around I came up with this!


Very pretty! :grinning:


That is really a great idea!




Looks great! Textiles can be a really good source for patterns and designs.


Ideas and inspiration everywhere.


Beautiful! I bet that she will soon be designing an entire line of personalized items on her own and you will have to wait until after her bedtime to get machine time.



That’s a cool technique. I’m not smart enough to guess how you painted/inked/stained those.


I just used acrylic paint
Wipe off excess
With damp paper towel


Kids will be happy



Minor edits, now it’s a haiku;

Use Acrylic Paint
Wipe Off The Excess Paint With
Damp Paper Towel

sorry, long day.


It’s always neat experimenting with patterns from your own items or photos. These turned out wonderfully!